Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Create Debian Live Installer Using Live-helper

Here is the simple way to Install your cusomize Debian Live into your machine

1.Set the two parameter in config/binary with by

2.Give the access to /tmp folder in chroot
chmod 777 /tmp

3.clean binary by lh_clean --binary

4.Rebuild ISO

And now you can install your customized live CD in your machine ,which works fine .......


Palak said...
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Palak said...

Congr8s for completing the task...
and hlpful post. I also wanna know brief introduction of Live CD and installer!

Anonymous said...

Why chmod 777 to /tmp?

Padma said...

b'cuse I have created ISO in root, so It gives read only excess to other users, so for that I have to give access /tmp folder