Friday, April 10, 2009

Integrate Gujarati Dictionary StarDict with Linux And MAc

You have to follow some simple steps to integrate your dictionary/ your collection of data to StarDict dictionary.

Here I am giving example to integrate Gujarati dictionary

== Tools Required ==


StarDict Tools

== Process ==

* Installation:
apt-get install stardict-tools

* Open the stardic-editor

* Pass your data/text file to that editor

File Format: write the search word first, then a Tab character, and the definition. If the definition contains new line, just write \n, if contains \ character, just write \\.

* Create tab file
Tab file results Total Number of word and create
.dic and .ifo file

* Compile that file

* Then in Decompile tab pass the .ifo file and decompile and varify it

Which will create .idx file

* Zip your dictionary file:

dictzip yourfile.dic

== StarDict Dictionary ==

* Installation:
apt-get install stardict

* Create folder of your dic in /usr/shar/stardict/dic/yourdic_name
* Copy the out file, .ifo and .idx file to /usr/shar/stardict/dic/yourdic_name/

Here you can see Gujarati word search results in itz Gujarati meaning and english word results is gujarati meaning

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